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Why You Should Choose Tanzania For Your Safari Destination

Safari vehicle on a sunset game drive in Serengeti National Park

Why You Should Choose Tanzania For Your Safari Destination

A safari can be the perfect adventure for all kinds of occasions — whether you’re planning a family Tanzania safari, a Tanzania camping safari, a Tanzania honeymoon safari holiday, or another kind of trip entirely, Tanzania is the ideal destination for your safari journey.

Why Tanzania?

Tanzania is the ideal destination for anyone looking to experience the safari adventure of a lifetime. From the vast Serengeti plains abundant with wildlife to the majestic snow-capped peaks of Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania offers something worthwhile for every traveler.

Tanzania is the natural habitat of some of the most diverse wildlife in Africa. Its national parks are home to more than 25,000 large mammals, and visitors can expect to see many of these creatures during their safari adventures, including lions, elephants, giraffes, zebras, hippos, and more. It’s common to see the “big five” (buffalo, elephants, rhinos, lions, and leopards) all in a single day.

In addition to a wide variety of large mammals, Tanzania boasts numerous bird species that can be spotted throughout its various ecosystems. It’s also one of the best places in Africa to witness the great wildebeest migration — an incredible natural phenomenon that takes place every year.

Tanzania is also renowned for its stunning scenery, from the snow-capped peaks of Mt. Kilimanjaro to the white-sand beaches along the coast of the Indian Ocean. Whether you’re exploring the Serengeti or admiring stunning views from atop Mt. Kilimanjaro, there’s no denying that Tanzania is one of the most beautiful countries in Africa. If you’re looking for breathtaking landscapes, then Tanzania is the destination for you.

You’ll also have the opportunity to experience authentic Tanzanian life first-hand. Between chatting with local guides, visiting local communities, and learning about Tanzanian culture — there’s no shortage of experiences waiting for you!

What to Expect on a Tanzania Safari

If you’ve never been to Tanzania before, you’re probably wondering what to expect from your first safari experience. Ultimately, it’s your safari and your adventure! Each of our safari packages at Roam Wild Adventure offers something a little bit different, but regardless, you’ll get the chance to drive around the parks and see the incredible scenery and wildlife up close. You’ll have a guide on hand to help you make the most of your experience and help you find the best sights and activities. You can also expect to stop for a delicious picnic lunch at one of the picnic sites in the parks each day you’re out on a drive.

The Best Time to Go on a Tanzania Safari

Visitors can enjoy Tanzania at any time of year. Expect a much wetter visit if you arrive in April, May, or November, but the monsoon season is actually ideal for certain tourist activities like birdwatching. If you visit in the summer, you have the best chance of seeing the Great Migration — Tanzania’s annual phenomenon that sees approximately 2 million wildebeest trek 800 kilometers in search of better seasonal grazing areas.

Tips for the Best Tanzania Safari Experience

There are countless exciting things to see and do in Tanzania, and you’re sure to have an incredible experience no matter which activities you select. Here’s what you need to know to get the most out of your trip to this magnificent country:

What should I know before going on a safari trip to Tanzania?

A Tanzanian safari is an unforgettable experience. Before you embark on your journey, there are a few things to consider. First and foremost, make sure you have all the necessary travel documents in order. This includes a valid passport and visa. You should also check with the Tanzanian Embassy for any specific requirements that may apply to your trip.

In general, Tanzania is very safe for tourists. Tourism is a large part of the economy, and the locals receive visitors well in most areas. Nevertheless, safety should always be a priority when traveling abroad, and Tanzania is no exception. It’s always best to exercise caution, and we recommend you take out a comprehensive travel insurance policy so that you can be certain you’re covered in case of an unexpected emergency.

Don’t forget to take any necessary medical precautions when planning for your trip, including bringing a full supply of any prescription medications you take and a copy of your prescription. You should also check with your doctor for the most up-to-date vaccination requirements before booking your trip to Tanzania. Additionally, many people err on the side of caution and take anti-malaria drugs before, during, and after their trip to East Africa.

It’s also very important to pack appropriate clothing for your trip to Tanzania. The kind of weather you should plan for depends on what you’ll be doing during your trip — the weather is usually warm on the plains, but at higher altitudes, it can get quite chilly. If you’re planning to spend time both on the plains and in the hills (or perhaps hike Mt. Kilimanjaro), you’ll need to pack both cool and warm clothing. Comfortable shoes or boots for walking are also a must.

Bring cash with you, as some of the more remote locations do not accept credit cards. While ATMs are abundant and usually conveniently located, the fees charged by the banks, in addition to any differences in currency exchange rates, can become costly.

We strive to support the local economy as much as possible, and this includes ensuring our guides have a fair living wage and good working conditions. If you are happy with the service provided to you, please consider tipping your guide. Tips are greatly appreciated 😊.

What is the best experience not to miss on a Tanzania Safari?

Tanzania is home to some of the most spectacular sights and experiences in the world. From the vast Serengeti plains to the Ngorongoro Crater, visitors can expect a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Here are a few of the most iconic experiences you’ll want to be sure not to miss during your trip to Tanzania!

The Serengeti is one of Africa’s most iconic wildlife destinations, and it’s easy to see why. This vast expanse of grasslands and woodlands is teeming with life — from big cats like lions, cheetahs, and leopards to herds of wildebeest migrating across the plains. Visitors should be sure not to miss out on an early-morning game drive through this incredible landscape for an unforgettable experience.

The Ngorongoro Crater is another must-see destination in Tanzania. This ancient caldera provides refuge for numerous species, including elephants, rhinos, hippos, buffalos, and hundreds of bird species, making it one of Africa’s premier wildlife viewing spots.

Lake Manyara National Park offers yet another stunning wildlife spectacle. You can expect to see lush forests filled with baboons and monkeys as well as large flocks of flamingos along the park’s shorelines. The lake provides a different perspective on Tanzania’s remarkable ecosystem — especially at sunset when animals come down from their hiding places to drink at the water’s edge!

Olduvai Gorge is known as ‘the cradle of mankind’ due to archaeological evidence that suggests human evolution began here two million years ago! It has since become one of Tanzania’s most important paleoanthropological sites, where visitors can learn about the country’s history through guided tours led by knowledgeable experts.

Our Overall TOP PICK

Here’s our recommendation for the best possible safari experience in Tanzania:

5-Day Private Mid-Range Safari – Serengeti + Tarangire + Ngorongoro Crater

  • Enjoy five days of game drives through the savanna as you experience some of Tanzania’s oldest and most fascinating locations.
  • Witness the iconic “big five” (buffalo, elephants, rhinos, lions, and leopards) — sometimes in a single day — at Serengeti National Park.
  • Explore Olduvai Gorge to learn about the origins of human life and see the resting place of a 1.8 million-year-old human skeleton.
  • See the world’s largest caldera at Ngorongoro Crater.

Best Luxury Private Safari Tours

Here are our top three choices for the best luxury private safari tours:

  1. 7-Day Private Luxury All-Inclusive Safari | Serengeti, Tarangire + Lake Manyara + Ngorongoro Crater
  2. 3-Day Private Upmarket Safari | Tarangire + Lake Manyara + Ngorongoro Crater
  3. 4-Day Private Migration Safari | Serengeti + Ngorongoro Crater

Best Mid-Range Private Safari Tours

Here are our top three choices for the best mid-range private safari tours:

  1. 6-Day Private Mid-Range Safari | Serengeti + Tarangire + Lake Manyara + Ngorongoro Crater
  2. 4-Day Private Mid-Range Safari | Tarangire + Serengeti + Ngorongoro Crater
  3. 3-Day Private Mid-Range Safari | Tarangire + Lake Manyara + Ngorongoro Crater

Best Budget Safari Tours

Here are our top two choices for the best budget private safari tours:

  1. 3-Day Private Budget Serengeti Safari from Mwanza
  2. 2-Day Private Budget Safari | Tarangire + Ngorongoro Crater

Where to Stay in Arusha

When you book a safari trip with Roam Wild Adventure, your journey will launch from the city of Arusha, Tanzania. Arusha is the perfect starting point for your adventure because it’s situated near both Mt. Kilimanjaro and Serengeti National Park. Our guides will pick you up from your hotel in Arusha at the start of your trip. While we can assist you in booking hotel accommodations, your hotel stay in Arusha is not provided as part of the safari package. Here’s a brief guide to some of the best places to stay in Arusha to help make booking accommodations as quick and easy for you as possible:

Arusha Stays – Our Top Picks

  1. The African Tulip Hotel: This hotel is one of the most popular hotels in Arusha and is consistently rated the number one Arusha hotel on TripAdvisor. The team at The African Tulip is committed to making visitors feel welcome, and the warm atmosphere is sure to make you feel right at home.
  2. Onsea House: Onsea House is a luxury bed and breakfast in Arusha that has been a favorite among travelers for many years. You can also consider its sister property Machweo Retreat if you’re looking for a boutique hotel experience.
  3. Rivertrees Country Inn: This charming inn offers a beautiful view of Mt. Kilimanjaro and the nostalgic atmosphere of a rustic homestead. The property was once used as a coffee farm, and now it’s the perfect setting for the first stop on your Tanzanian Safari.
  4. Arusha Planet Lodge: Located just ten minutes outside of Arusha, this lodge consists of twenty-eight comfortable chalets situated among scenic gardens — you can even catch some breathtaking views of Mt. Meru right from the property.
  5. Elewana Arusha Coffee Lodge: This lodge is located on one of Tanzania’s largest coffee plantations. You can enjoy the comfortable accommodations and take in the rich aroma of coffee beans here before you set off on your safari experience.

Tanzania Safari Tours FAQ

There’s a lot to think about when you’re planning a trip to Tanzania. To help you make sure you’re not forgetting any essential considerations, peruse a few of the most common questions we get from prospective Tanzanian tourists:

1. How much does a safari trip in Tanzania cost?

Roam Wild Adventure offers a variety of safari tours suitable for many different budgets, whether you’re looking for a luxury Tanzania safari or something a little less expensive. A two-day tour starts at just $799 USD per person, while a five-day tour starts at $2,079 USD per person. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our experts about finding a safari package that’s right for your price range!

2. What is the best time of year to do a Tanzania safari?

There’s simply no wrong time of year to see Tanzania. The best time of year for your trip depends entirely on what you’re hoping to do and see. For example, if you’re hoping to get the best views of the country’s extraordinary birdlife, you’ll want to plan your trip for one of the rainier times of the year, like April or November. However, if you’re hoping to catch a glimpse of the wildebeests’ famous Great Migration, you’ll be better off booking a safari during June or July.

3. Where do you fly into for a Tanzania safari?

The two main international airports in Tanzania are Julius Nyerere International Airport (Dar es Salaam), located on the coast, and Kilimanjaro International Airport, located in the northeast area of the country. Depending on exactly where your safari is planned for, you’ll most likely fly into one of these main airports and then either drive or take a smaller plane to get closer to your safari destination. A typical route for a northern Tanzania safari is to enter Tanzania by way of Kilimanjaro International airport, then take a domestic flight to Arusha Airport and begin a Serengeti safari from the city of Arusha.

How Did We Choose the Best Tours?

We used a combination of guest feedback, personal experience, and professional ratings to come up with our list of the best Tanzania safari tours. The beauty and culture of Kilimanjaro left a lasting impression on us when we first visited Tanzania. This inspired us to spread awareness of the area, its people, and its unique environment by providing our clients with the equipment and guidance they need to enjoy the country safely and responsibly. Ever since then, we’ve been committed to helping people like you find the best ways to experience Tanzania.

Now You Know the Best Tanzania Safari Tours from Arusha & Beyond!

Adventure awaits you! Contact Roam Wild Adventure today and book your dream safari in one of the most picturesque and transformative locations on the globe!



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