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Our company began with inspiration born out of the indelible impression left upon us from the day we first set foot in Tanzania, and developed as an aspiration to make the beauty, splendor, and unique culture of the Kilimanjaro region accessible to all. Our first visit to Tanzania touched us deeply and that sentiment remained with us long after we left. That unforgettable adventure included climbing the Lemosho Route on Mt. Kilimanjaro, gazing in awe at lions in the Ngorongoro Crater, and spending precious time visiting the Moshi Community School where we learned about the girls computer program that helps teach girls the skills they need to succeed in life and lift themselves and their families out of poverty. For 14 months after departing from Kilimanjaro International Airport with a suitcase full of souvenirs and a head full of amazing memories, we contemplated how we could combine our passion for adventure with our desire to give back to local communities. After much thought we realized we wanted to become part of the trekking industry in Kilimanjaro, to raise awareness of this special place, its people, and environment and bring others here to enjoy it. Hence, Roam Wild Adventure was created. Our company’s purpose is to give people the opportunity to experience the exhilaration of adventure while also creating a community around sustainable and responsible adventure tourism.

With a strong purpose in mind, we set out to first and foremost ensure that we provide our clients with the very best mountain trekking guides who are the stalwart stewards of your safety and of Kilimanjaro. Our company uses the best mountaineering gear and safety equipment and serves locally sourced nutritious and delicious food; and we do this all while keeping our costs competitive. How? We use all local resources and put a strong effort into finding the best quality and best value products.

We believe in keeping nature pristine as it was meant to be. As such, we are a member of the Leave No Trace organization, which is dedicated to educating people about how to practice sustainability and be responsible in keeping the outdoors clean and free of litter. Our guides and porters follow Leave No Trace principles on the mountain so that everyone can enjoy one of the world’s most magnificent landscapes: Kilimanjaro – the Rooftop of Africa.

Roam Wild Adventure is also a strong proponent of social responsibility and supporting local communities. We strive to ensure all our porters are given fair wages and ethical treatment. Tanzania, and particularly the Kilimanjaro region, depends quite heavily on tourism, so we believe the tourism industry has a responsibility to take care of those communities. Tanzania stole our hearts and we feel very connected to this country and its people. One of the main focal points of our mission is to do our part to help the local economy and to create a purpose-driven, ethical and sustainable tourism company.

We are Roam Wild Adventure. We may be a small company right now, but we have a huge heart, a strong vision, and a passionate commitment to help others achieve their dream of summitting Mt. Kilimanjaro. If you are looking for a truly transformational experience, come explore the world with us.

Dream ~ Believe ~ Achieve

We provide unique and customizable adventure travel tours that anyone, regardless of age, gender, or ability, can participate in and enjoy. We offer many ways for you to build a trip specifically tailored to your goals. Whether that be to partake in a “mountain zen” wellness trek or a pure adrenaline-pumping trek, an opportunity to overcome personal challenges in a quest to move forward with life in a healthy productive way, we will be the go-to adventure tour company to make those dreams a reality for you.


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