Unforgettable Tanzania Wildlife Safaris

Abundant Wildlife, Vibrant Cultures

Memories That’ll Last a Lifetime

Unforgettable Tanzania Wildlife Safaris

Abundant Wildlife, Vibrant Cultures

Memories That’ll Last a Lifetime

Bucket List Travel Adventures

Tanzania is by far one of the world’s best destinations for wildlife lovers. On a Tanzanian safari, you will see all of the “Big Five” animals; lions, elephants, buffalo, rhinoceros, and leopards. They can all be seen here in greater numbers than anywhere else in the world. The Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, Lake Manyara, and Tarangire national parks are all within easy reach of Kilimanjaro Airport and can be combined into a fantastic safari adventure that will give you memories to last a lifetime.

Roam Wild Adventure safaris are all in private 4×4 vehicles. Our dedicated and knowledgeable guides who know the terrain exceptionally well will be able to drive you to the spots where you are sure to see many game species. We can customize your excursion according to your timeline and level of comfort. No shared minibuses and no waiting for other groups. We can suggest some of our favorite and most popular itineraries for you, or we can tailor your safari to your unique requirements. There are also many lodging options to choose from. Whether you want to stay in an all-inclusive luxury lodge or more budget-friendly accommodations, no matter what you choose you’re sure to enjoy your time on safari. Have you been dreaming of a romantic sunset balloon tour over the Serengeti? We are happy to arrange it for you. The sky’s the limit!

These tour prices are based on full board mid-high end lodging and tented camp accommodations. If you need help planning your trip, prefer more budget-conscious options or would like more details, send us a message or call us at (866) 764-3029 and we’ll be happy to provide a quote for you.

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The ATTA is a vital leadership voice and partner for our industry. With a commitment to sustainable tourism, they believe through research, education, and promotion, they can help businesses and communities thrive in a responsible and profitable future.

Through targeted education, research and outreach, it is their mission, and in turn ours, to ensure the long-term health of our natural world while maintaining sustainable activity in nature.

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Roam Wild Adventure

Who Are We?

Our company began with inspiration born out of the indelible impression left upon us from the day we first set foot in Tanzania, and developed as an aspiration to make the beauty, splendor, and unique culture of the Kilimanjaro region accessible to all. Our first visit to Tanzania touched us deeply and that sentiment remained with us long after we left.

After much thought we realized we wanted to become part of the trekking industry in Kilimanjaro, to raise awareness of this special place, its people, and environment and bring others here to enjoy it.

Our company’s purpose is to give people the opportunity to experience the exhilaration of adventure while also creating a community around sustainable and responsible adventure tourism.

Read more about how Roam Wild Adventure got started and our mission on our About Us page.

Roam Wild Adventure

Who Are We?

Roam Wild Adventure was founded by two world wanderers, Helen & Christina. Our company’s purpose is to give people the opportunity to experience the exhilaration of adventure while also creating a community around sustainable and responsible adventure tourism. If you are looking for a truly transformational experience, come explore the world with us.

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Senecio kilimanjari ssp. is a type of plant species found on Mount Kilimanjaro. This particular variety of Senecio is adapted to high altitudes and is often seen at elevations above 3,000 meters on the mountain. It's known for its unique appearance, with rosettes of leaves and distinctive flowers. The plant plays a crucial role in the mountain's ecosystem, contributing to its biodiversity and resilience in extreme conditions. As a mountain guide, understanding the flora and fauna, including plants like Senecio kilimanjari ssp., is essential for navigating and appreciating the unique ecology of the area.


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The Grey crowned crane is a symbol of elegance and grace in African culture. Its striking appearance, with a golden crown of feathers atop its head, is often associated with royalty and beauty. Its dance rituals are used for courtship and social bonding, displaying intricate movements and vibrant colors. The crane's behavior embodies courtship, loyalty, and a strong sense of community within its habitat.

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Hippos are the heavyweight champs of the animal kingdom, with their massive barrel-shaped bodies, short legs, and wide grins! 🦛

Exploring Tanzania’s wild side and catching glimpses of hippos is a must. Whether it’s the serene Rufiji River or the enchanting Tarangire National Park or Lake Manyara Tanzania, they call these waters home.

Hippos live a double life - aquatic experts by day and grass-chomping night owls. 🌙💦

In the world of hippos, it’s all about the pod life. From a cozy group to epic gatherings, their social game is strong.

Despite their size, hippos are vegetarians! They’ve got a voracious appetite for grass, and boy, can they munch!

Territorial and Aggressive: Beneath those charming grins, hippos are the ultimate protectors of their turf. Don’t get on their bad side; their bite packs a punch! 💥

These adorable giants need our help. Let’s work together to protect their homes and ensure their survival in Tanzania’s breathtaking landscapes. 🌍

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All about our Lemosho route 7 day ...

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