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Summit Africa’s Tallest Mountain

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Summit Africa’s Tallest Mountain

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Climb Kilimanjaro With Us!

Our local, expert guides know the routes like the backs of their hands. From the moment you make contact, to the jubilation at the summit, and all the way back to the airport transfer, we’ll be with you all the way. We treat our guests how we would want to be treated and we strive to provide them with life-changing travel experiences. Challenging yourself to summit Kilimanjaro with Roam Wild Adventure will certainly change your outlook on life.

Below, we’ve laid out some of the most important points you need to know before making your way to Tanzania, but any other questions you may have, please feel free to reach out to us!

First and foremost, we love giving back to the places we visit and we love it even more when you do too! Embrace a truly life-changing journey and conquer the roof of Africa while doing some good for your favorite charity. We can help any person or group with their charity Kilimanjaro climbs, just get in touch with us to get started.

One thing we need to highlight before we go any further: Mount Kilimanjaro is not a technical climb and no special mountain climbing experience is needed. In fact, out of all the Seven Summits (the highest mountains on each of the seven continents on earth), Kilimanjaro is the only one that can be said to be truly “walkable”. Below are our recommendations on how to prepare for the climb, as it will be challenging but 100% achievable and preparation is the key.

Mt. Kilimanjaro is truly one of the great trekking experiences on earth. But there are several factors that make this a tough but totally achievable climb. The walk itself is strenuous on your muscles and joints, regardless of the number of days you choose. The higher you go, the thinner the air gets and acclimatization is imperative to a successful climb. Nearing the summit, you’ll have roughly half the amount of oxygen per breath than you normally would have. We deliberately include acclimatization days on our climbs to give us the best possible chance for our bodies to adjust and for us to reach the summit. Lastly, the days leading up to the summit push aren’t overly difficult but the last day before summiting is tough both physically and mentally. A midnight start with an ascent over 1500m and a descent of nearly 3000m totalling 16-18 hours is a challenge.

So, as the saying goes, failure to prepare is preparing to fail. We would recommend a minimum of 2 long hikes a week (we recommend increasing this dramatically to almost daily as you approach your date) leading up to your climb with a weighted backpack to help with leg strength and endurance for the long haul of Kilimanjaro. For more specific training information, reach out to our professional team.

Don’t skimp out on expensive equipment as you will suffer the consequences on the mountain. Our best piece of advice is don’t turn up with brand new walking boots, ensure they have been the same ones you have been training in and you are certain you will be comfortable. Next is your head. For the hot temperatures, ensure you have something that provides solid sun protection. As we near the summit, a woolly hat or even a balaclava is highly recommended. A four-season sleeping bag, trekking poles to assist your knees on the way back down, a comfortable daypack, and sunscreen are also high on the priority list.

Good question. Each route has its pros and cons. We offer 5 options (please see our selection below): Lemosho Route, Northern Circuit, Rongai Route, Machame Route, & the Marangu Route.

Lemosho: The Lemosho route is known to be one of the most scenic routes on Mt. Kilimanjaro. This is an eight-day trek, allowing extra time for acclimatization, in turn, making this a very achievable climb. With an overall success rate of 95%, the Lemosho Route is hailed as one of the least crowded and most accessible routes on Kilimanjaro.

Northern Circuit: This relatively new route ascends the more scenic and tranquil western slope of Kilimanjaro and crosses nearly the entire mountain before the summit. This is easily one of the most picturesque paths and tranquil journeys up Africa’s highest point, as there are almost no other groups on the northern face.

Rongai: The upside is: there are very few climbers on the same path as you, adding to the vast, open wilderness and the incredible scenery. The downside? Because of the route profile, it isn’t as easy to acclimatize BUT, as we mentioned before, we do add an extra day to aid acclimatization.

Machame: Due to its high success rate (90% for a 7-day trek), it is one of the better routes to aid acclimatization. The views on this route are incredible and you also get the added challenge of the Great Barranco Wall. If your goal is solely to reach the summit, this should be your choice.

Marangu: The Marangu Route is considered to be one of the easier paths to the summit, given its gradual slope and direct path. Being only 6 days long, it can be slightly more challenging to acclimatize because the paths are more direct than others.

Another good question to ask. Simply put, the area surrounding Kilimanjaro is under monsoon conditions during April and May, and one shorter season in November. We take this into consideration as our tour availability ranges from January through mid-March, mid-June through October, and then December. Outside the monsoon season, the weather is typically dry and clear.

Tanzania has three major international airports: Dar es Salaam (DAR), Zanzibar (ZNZ) and Kilimanjaro Airport (JRO). The latter is the most convenient for Kilimanjaro, sitting only 42 km away from the mountain town of Moshi and 50 km from Arusha. In addition to flights to Tanzania, you may consider flights to Nairobi in Kenya, which is only a 5-hour shuttle bus ride to Arusha or a 1-hour plane ride to JRO. Note, however, that by choosing to fly to Kenya you may need a multiple-entry Kenya visa (if you are flying out of Kenya, too, for example, and spend longer than a fortnight in Tanzania), which can cost as much as $122 USD – thereby reducing or eliminating any saving you may have made in airfares.

In deciding which flights to book, you should take the full trip into consideration. For example, if you would like to spend a couple days in Zanzibar after the climb, it might be best to book one-way tickets from your home to Kilimanjaro Airport for the climb, from Arusha to Zanzibar after the climb, and then from Zanzibar back to your home.

Our Memberships

The ATTA is a vital leadership voice and partner for our industry. With a commitment to sustainable tourism, they believe through research, education, and promotion, they can help businesses and communities thrive in a responsible and profitable future.

Through targeted education, research and outreach, it is their mission, and in turn ours, to ensure the long-term health of our natural world while maintaining sustainable activity in nature.

Roam Wild Adventure

Who Are We?

Our company began with inspiration born out of the indelible impression left upon us from the day we first set foot in Tanzania, and developed as an aspiration to make the beauty, splendor, and unique culture of the Kilimanjaro region accessible to all. Our first visit to Tanzania touched us deeply and that sentiment remained with us long after we left.

After much thought we realized we wanted to become part of the trekking industry in Kilimanjaro, to raise awareness of this special place, its people, and environment and bring others here to enjoy it.

Our company’s purpose is to give people the opportunity to experience the exhilaration of adventure while also creating a community around sustainable and responsible adventure tourism.

Read more about how Roam Wild Adventure got started and our mission on our About Us page.

Roam Wild Adventure

Who Are We?

Roam Wild Adventure was founded by two world wanderers, Helen & Christina. Our company’s purpose is to give people the opportunity to experience the exhilaration of adventure while also creating a community around sustainable and responsible adventure tourism. If you are looking for a truly transformational experience, come explore the world with us.

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Sharing some highlights from the unforgettable adventure with Sara & Lorenzo of @thetravelization

This amazing tour included 5 days safari in Tarangire National Park, Ngorongoro Crater, and Serengeti National Park to see the diverse African wildlife, a visit to Olduvai Gorge, the place where some of the oldest human skeletons were found, a stop at a Masai village to experience their traditional dances, and last but not least, a trip to beautiful Zanzibar Island off the shore of Tanzania in the crystal turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. This trip will forever remain one of our favorites.

For more information and to learn how to book this dream safari holiday, contact us @roamwildadventure


Leopards are one of the most beautiful and elegant creatures in the animal kingdom. Wouldn’t you agree? #animalkingdom #savanna #serengeti #serengetinationalpark #beautifuldestinations #beautifulanimals #wildlifeplanet #safari #tanzaniasafari ...

✨ Hyena Humor ✨ Why did the hyena cross the road? 😂🤣. Was he chasing simba or was simba chasing him? Or, is he going to steal simba's meal? 😉🤔🦁⁠

9 Fun Facts About Hyenas:⁠

1 - The hyena is Africa's most common large carnivore⁠
2 - Hyenas live in a group called clans that can have 5-80 members⁠
3 - The pitch and tone of a hyena's laugh can give an indication of its age and social status⁠
4 - Hyenas have powerful jaws and sharp teeth⁠
5 - Female hyenas will bear litters of 2 to 4 cubs⁠
6 - Hyenas with stripes live in both Africa and Asia⁠
7 - Female spotted hyenas are more muscular and more aggressive than their male counterparts⁠
8 - Hyenas are great at problem solving and social cooperation⁠
9 - Hyenas use various sounds, postures and signals to communicate with each other⁠

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Mount Kilimanjaro, the Tallest and free standing mountain in Africa, challenges for your healthy #uhurupeak #craterrim #ashpitkilimanjaro ...

Climbing #Kilimanjaro with focus and dedication, one team, single file, on their mission to reach the summit. #mtkilimanjaro #sevensummits #tanzania #africa #karangacamp #barafucamp #stellapoint #uhurupeak #roamwildadventure ...

Have you ever seen an aerial view of Kibo peak, Mt. Kilimanjaro? Incredible, isn’t it? Kibo is the largest cone on the mountain and is more than 24 km (15 mi) wide.

This photo was taken from a small airplane, but there have been some hot air balloon fly-bys past the volcanic crater on top of Mt. Kilimanjaro, as well. Can you imagine drifting past Kili from a hot air balloon? Or spending the night sleeping at the crater rim? Surreal 🤩


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The view of Mawenzi Peak on the approach to Uhuru Peak, the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro, and the highest point in Africa. This photo was taken in January 2020, just a few short months before the world shut down. That blissful day evokes such strong emotions in me 💗 #mountkilimanjaro #summitday #amazingmemories #traveltheworld #tanzania #beautifulmountains #glaciers #sevensummits #liveyourlife ...

Pure magic ✨🤩✨

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Walking down memory lane and came across this post of our 5-day safari with the creative travel couple, Sara & Lorenzo of @thetravelization. Great memories!⁠

👉🏻 Welcome to Tanzania: we're just driving and suddenly we met this gorgeous family of giraffes 🦒💚⁣⁠
We were losing hope of seeing giraffes. After two days in Tanzania and more than 10 hours of safari, still nothing⁠
✨ Then the magic.⁣⁠
We were on the road, we were reaching the Serengeti. I had even fallen asleep. Suddenly I hear screaming: "Giraffe! Giraffe!" ⁣⁠
It sounded like a voice from my dream⁠
🦒 Instead I open my eyes and there they are, right outside our window⁠, the mother with the calf.⁠
We went down slowly, and we stopped to observe them. And they let themselves be admired. So close that we could see the outlines of every single spot⁠
Like in a documentary 💚⁣⁠
[a huge thank you to our guide Andrew from roamwildadventure who made us fly out of the car to take these pictures 🙏🏻] ⁣⁠
photo credit 📷 : @thetravelization⁠
#tanzania #safari #giraffe #gamedrive #tanzaniasafari

We still have some spots available for our December 19th 8-day Lemosho Route trek and Jan 22, 2022 8-day Lemosho Route trek.

✨ Dec 19th is a full moon trek with a Christmas Day summit 🎄🌕, sure to be an amazing trip!

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We still have some spots available for our December 19, 2021 8-day Lemosho Route trek and January, 22 8-day Lemosho Route trek .

The Dec 19th trek is a full moon trek with a Christmas Day summit 🎄🌕, sure to be an amazing trip!

✨ Book your spot now before they sell out and take advantage of our holiday sale!

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✨ This special $500 off deal applies to any Kilimanjaro trek booked from now until December 3, 2021.

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Sunrise views of Kibo Peak are the most calming and serene way to ease into a new day ☺️. Do you agree?⁠

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Latest Kilimanjaro Travel Update! ✈ and a surprise SALE! Click here to read our latest blog and get the discount code =>

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One of the most remarkable landmarks on Mt. Kilimanjaro, the Lava Tower, is located more than halfway up the Lemosho Route and is approximately 300ft tall. This geologic formation is called a lava plug and was formed when lava cooled rapidly and plugged up the lava vent preventing further eruption in that location. What do you think of this view? Contact us for information on our upcoming treks: Full Moon Treks, Christmas and New Years Treks, Special Events, Voluntourism


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