Kilimanjaro Dates & Prices

Below is a table of our available Kilimanjaro climb dates and prices for 2021. All of our climbs are great value for money and we strive to provide each person with a fun, successful, and unforgettable experience. Join us at the summit today!

Looking to enhance your climb with a full moon?

Every tour date that has a moon icon indicates a climb where the lunar spectacular is in full swing! When the peak of Kilimanjaro and magnificent glaciers are lit up by the full moon, the view is absolutely stunning. For this reason alone, some climbers schedule their trek to coincide with this celestial event. Aside from the lunar spectacular, another reason to choose to climb during a full moon is that the bright light will improve visibility during the climb, and it will be especially beneficial during the summit attempt.

( full-moon-icon = Full Moon)

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